Geezer is seventy one years old. Not an ideologue of any kind.. The following are a collection of quotes and thoughts that he feels are relvalent to the current world. A quick bio of geezer is here.

Rants and projects
My idiosyncratic collection of quotes. Mar 21 2004 20:07:57
How the world came to love nationalism. Mar 21 2004 20:08:21
Dysfunctional thinking that lots of folks believe is ok Mar 21 2004 20:10:28
Geezers view of morality. Mar 21 2004 20:11:11
Religion. If god is so powerful how come his priests are always asking for money Mar 21 2004 20:11:31
Politics. Get ready to puke. Mar 21 2004 20:11:56
Terrorism. Statistically they are a joke. Mar 21 2004 20:12:14
Population. No problemo we can all strave together. Mar 21 2004 20:12:30
Here there be monsters. I'm not kidding. Mar 21 2004 20:12:54
Some tools to help. Mar 21 2004 20:13:43