Geezer is seventy one years old. Not an ideologue of any kind.. The following are a collection of quotes and thoughts that he feels are relvalent to the current world. A quick bio of geezer is here.

Religion. If god is so powerful how come his priests are always asking for money

- Mar 21 2004 20:11:31 -

Religion’s God is a kind of Santa Claus for adults. Most religions support the basic ideas of, be nice to others, don't lie, don't kill etc. Geezer has no complaint with these but the various religions have been used to control folks in ways that have nothing to do with these ideas. Any religion that does not allow free thought sucks. It is a form of mental slavery. Geezer feels that for many folks the ritual and comfort that religion gives can be enticing. It eases the fear of death. These benefits do not compensate for a duller mind and life. Spinoza had it right.