Geezer is seventy one years old. Not an ideologue of any kind.. The following are a collection of quotes and thoughts that he feels are relvalent to the current world. A quick bio of geezer is here.

Dysfunctional thinking that lots of folks believe is ok

- Mar 21 2004 20:10:28 -

Geezer feels that Umberto Eco, the Italian semiotic analyst and writer, is a damn good writer and thinker. Geezer has an interest in the medieval inquisition, especially of that rascal Bernard_Gui, so Eco's book The Name of the Rose was enjoyable for him. Recently Geezer read Umberto Eco's book "Foucault's Pendulum" and while it was a good read in itself what it intimated about our current society interested Geezer. "The Pendulum itself stands out as a symbol of pure empiricism for the narrator and the reader who are both cunningly drawn into a bizarre web of historically famous esoteric beliefs." Today Geezer thinks that both the left and right political viewpoints use symbols in the same insane way as in the "Foucault's Pendulum". He feels that these thought patterns can be found in terrorist groups, ecological fringe both for and against support for the environment, fight for sexual equally for men and women, in the news media, and in many other stances taken by intellectual spokes persons. It is a kind of widespread mental dysfunction in our modern world.. Geezer, however, is optimistic since there are sill enough folks with clear minds around to recover from this illness.